An introduction to Amie Knight

Amie Knight is a 20-year-old country singer from the UK, who has been singing in the industry for over 14 years.

Releasing her debut single ‘Two Guys’ on the 9th September 2016, she reached paramount success by topping the iTunes country chart at no.7, just a few hours after the release.

Prior to this, Amie won the ‘Voice of Ferndown’ 2016, where she performed ‘Two Guys’ for the first time and made her first TV debut on the ‘Smith and Rogers Country Show, aired on Sky.
Amie Knights music video has aired across ‘Keep it Country’, also shown on sky, where she was showcased next to some of the biggest and best country artists, from across the globe.

Amie has performed at some big venues, such as the Lakeside country club and has been touring at various events and festivals over the years. Most recently supporting Dexeter on their Tour, Amie is quickly making a name for herself and has recently released her debut EP “Take It From Here” which reached commercial success at No.13 in the iTunes Country Charts.

A message from Amie Knight


Back when I was around 6 years old, my father was the drummer in a UK country band, which had a great career for over 10 years. My family have always been musically orientated, particularly me and my dad, so I used to enjoy going to his band rehearsals every week. After trying extremely hard to watch ‘Hannah Montana’ on TV, with country music pounding through the ceiling, I eventually learnt the entire set which was over 80 songs!

I used to attend each of my father’s gigs, where I would sing along and watch in awe of him being on stage. During one rehearsal, the lead singer asked if I would like to sing a song with the band on stage, so I chose my favourite at the time, which was a big number called ‘High Test Love’. Whilst singing, I felt such a rush of excitement, especially when seeing the audience smile and hearing their cheers for more. From that single moment, I joined band rehearsals and began to perform numerous songs with them on stage.

This was a major starting point for me, as it was the first time I had ever performed on stage, and ever really thought about being a singer. Singing country music, to a real-life audience, that were actually listening to me, rather than performing to myself in the study, opened my eyes to a new dream.

I owe a lot to that band who unfortunately are no longer together. For me, it’s funny to think that, if my father never played the drums, would I ever have fallen in love with country music the way I have? As I grew older, I started to perform more in public and had the honour of singing at my parent’s wedding at the age of nine, which is a memorable moment for me that I will cherish.

I had a few singing lessons when I was younger to learn various techniques as I was only just starting out, and wasn’t really sure how far singing could take me. My first singing teacher played me the first country song I had heard outside of my dad’s band, which was Brad Paisley’s ‘When I Get Where I’m Going’. I remember getting home and looking up Brad Paisley on YouTube. Through him, I found Carrie Underwood and other amazing musicians and singers that I admire today.

I honestly feel that I have achieved so much over the years with dedication and hard work. It’s incredible how a passion has lead me here, and I can’t wait to see how far country music will take me. I hope you will come along for the ride.

Amie x